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This page contains a small representative sample of the numerous websites I have built over the years. There are many more I have not included due to space constrains.
(Please note that the home pages of these websites were captured as graphical images. In order to speed up the loading of this page, they have been compressed to the maximum extend possible; accordingly, some of these graphics may appear jaded or fuzzy.)

I serve as the President of the Virginia Club for Growth. This non-partisan organization advocates economic growth through lower taxes and limited government. Its Political Action Committee (PAC) also endorses and supports candidates who pledge to adhere the goals of the Club.


The Washington Metropolitan Chapter of the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners (CFE). I currently serve as a member of the Board of Directors. I was a past President of the Chapter. I built and maintained the website for and years.



The Maryland Chapter of the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners (CFE). I built and maintained this website for a number of years as well.

Ken Cuccinelli for State Senate

Sen. Ken Cuccinelli was elected to the Virginia State Senate in Aug. 2001. Ken and I worked together as grassroots volunteers since 1997. I was elated when he announced he was going to run for the State Senate and I am proud to have been able to play a small role in his election. I designed his original website and maintained it for a number of years.

Mychele Brickner was the Republican candidate for the posistion of Chairman of the Fairfax County, VA, Board of Supervisors. I designed and maintained Mychele's website throughout her campaign that took place in 2003.


Del. Tom Rust is my representative in the Virginia House of Delegates. He was first elected in 2001 with a strong plurality of the votes. For his 2003 campaign, I designed and maintained his website.


Jack Rust ran for the 37th Delegate District in the Virginia House of Delegates, in 2003. I designed and maintained Jack's website.



Tim Hugo ran for the Virginia House of Delegates and won in a Special Election held in December 2002. I designed Tim's website and assisted him with a number of other campaign issues.


Howie Lind was a candidate for the 32nd State Senate District in Virginia. I first met Howie when we both worked to defeat a proposed 11% sales tax increase -- the referendum was defeated in November 2001 by a 55% margin! Our resources were limited and Howie played a key role in organizing the many volunteers that sent a strong message to Richmond that "Enough is enough and we're not going to take it anymore." During his campaign, Howie took the same strong anti-tax stance.





MD5 SA is the first company in Greece to specialize in Network Security and Computer Forensics. I was asked to help them set up their initial web presence. This website design required that the site be built in both English and Greek.



In January 2002, my friend Al White declared his candidacy for the Sully District School Board, in a special election that was held in February 2002. Unfortunately, Al lost the election by 100 votes; however, he won 16 of the 21 precincts in the District. From someone who had no prior community or political experience, the results were impressive. I managed Al's campaign, designed his website and handled all electronic communications.




In the 2000 primary elections, Virginia became a crucial state for George W. Bush. His political future depended on winning the Virginia Primary. At the time, I was the Vice Chairman of Operation of the Fairfax County Republican Committee. We mobilized across Northern Virginia and made sure that our candidate won the election. I was Bush's co-chair of operations in Fairfax County and the NOVA Campaign Communications Director. In this latter capacity I designed this website and handled all electronic communications.




Before retiring from the Department of Interior, Office of Inspector General in 2001, I was the Director of Investigative Technology and before that the Special Agent-in-Charge of the Eastern Division. During these assignments I designed and administered this website, which provided readily available reference materials to the investigators assigned to this Office.




Jacque Mason ran for the Office of Virginia Republican National Committee Woman. The election was held at the 2000 Virginia Republican Convention. I designed and administered Jacque's website.




Over the years I held a number of senior appointments with the Fairfax County Republican Committee. One of those was as Co-Chairman of Public Relations. I later became the Vice Chairman of Operations, a position I held until the Spring of 2002. In these capacities, I designed and maintained the FCRC website, for approximately four years, from 1998 through 2002.


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